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Dialogue One

Tina: l'm so glad the weekends finally here.

Lewis: Me too.   Imagine._1  D. lt's a long weekend.  We've got three days in a row.

Tina: So, where're you going? _

Lewis:     2  A I don't have any plans yet  l'Iljust playit by ear.   3   B. How about you?

Tina: We're going to go hiking and camping in the mountains.

 Lewis: That sounds exciting!

Tina: Wanna join us?

Lewis: Hm,  4 C. let me think about it. l'll let you know later.


Dialogue Two

James: Oh, my goodness, the tra 仔 ic is crawling.

Andy: _ 5 B. I think there's an accident ahead.

James: We're now running late.

Andy: _ 6  A. I know.  _Why don't we take a different route?

James: 7  D. Let me take a look at the map._Yes, there's an exit three quarters of a mile ahead.  We'll exit Market Street, head west, and then  get on the Pennsylvania Freeway.

Andy: OK, let's do that even though we may have to take a longer way.

Dialogue Three

Joan:    8  D. Why are you so late?

Mike: I couldn't find my car keys.

Joan:    9 C. What happened?

Mike: I left the keys in the car.

Joan: That's awful.  10 B. How did you get the door open?

Mike: Fortunately, my girlfriend has a spare key.


  A 10 Year-old boy decided to study judo (柔道) despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a terrible  caraccident. The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo master, and he was doing well. But he couldn't understand move to win the match.

Still amazed by his success, the boy was now in the finals.


       "You won for two reasons," the master answered, "first, you've almost mastered one of the most difficult throws  in all of judo. Second, the only known defense for that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm."

11.    Why did the boy want to learn judo?  D. The reason was not mentioned in the passage.

12. When a referee cails  a "time-out", _   B. the game stops for a short time

13. Why did the master insist on continuing the match?   C. He had confidence in the boy's skill

14.    What probably caused the defeat of the boy's opponent in the final? A. ovar-confidence

15.   What does the passage mainly tell us?   A, One can turn a weakness into an advantage.      


 Passage Two

       Do American children still learn handwriting in school? In this age of the keyboard, some people seem to think handwriting lessons are on the way out.            


      But Steve Graham at Vanderbilt said: "Word processing is rarely done in elementary school. especially in the early years. Even xvith high school teachers, we find that less than fifty percent of assignments are done via word processing or with word processing. And in fact, if we added in taking notes and doing tests in class, most ofthe writing done in school is done by hand.

16, Some people think handwriting lessons are out of date, because          D. they write through computers not by handwriting

17. According to the survey published by Professor Steve Graham   A.  most teachers in grades one to three still teach handwriting

18.  Students willleam handwriting  wellby_     B. practicing it once in a short time

19.  The purpose for us to write is to_  C.  express our ideas

20.  According to the author, handwriting lessons    D. are stil! necessary for elementary school students

Passage Three

   One of my favorite posters says, "Life is a test.    It is only a test.    Had this been a reallife you would have beeniristructed where to go and what to do. " Whenever I think of this humorous bit of wisdom, it reminds me not to takem,t life so seriouslt.


      If you try this strategy you may be surprised at your changed responses.    For example, I used to struggle a greatdeal over the issue of my perception of not having enough time. I would rush around trying to get everything done. Iblamed m\/ schedule, my family, my circumstances, and anything else I could think of for my bad situation.   Then itdawned on me that my real challenge was to see my struggle as a test. Seeing this issue as a test finally helped me tocope with one of my biggest personal frustrations. It has become far more acceptable to me to take things as they are.

21.  The author suggests that people C. see iife as a test

22. lf Vou See the many challenges in your life as a battle you must win, you will probably _ A. feel greater pressure

23. Paragraph 3 in the passage _ B. offers a suggestion for handling problems in life    

24. As is mentioned in Paragraph 4, "your changed responses" may probably result

D. a new outlook on your problems

25. The author has realized that his problem was C. struggling with his issues too much        .     

Passage  Four

     Did your mum and dad go to university, or did they leave school and go straight to the Job Centre? The educational experience of parents is still important when it comes to how today's students choose an area of study and what to do after grraduation, according to The Future-track research in the UK.


     For those with graduate parents, this lack of guidance may, the researchers suggest, be less of a probiern. "But, forthose without the advantages, lack of access to career guidance before applying for higher education leaves themexposed to making poorer choices, " the survey concludes.

26. The main idea of the passage is that     C. students' approach to higher education correlates with their parents' educational experience

27.  A  young person coming from a non-professional household   B.  is more likely to choose vocational education

28.  In which of the following aspects do Kim Burnett and Harriet Edge have in common?  D. Both ofthem chose degrees forjob security.

29.  It is implied that    A.  the cost ofa degree in medicine is very high

30. Those with graduate parents may       B.make better choices when applying for higher education

Part Ill   

31. The size of the castle and its commanding position still  A.impress  _the visitors today?

32. Lee is coming on very well now, and it's a   B.matter  _of deciding how to fit into the team.

33.  The trip to this city gave me the impression    C.that     it is not worth a second visit.

34.  You can hardly imagine how difficult   B.itis  to find a decentjob at a big company.

35. You have plenty oftime to go, so take it B.easy 

36._     D.This    is what bothers me; we have no time to consider late applications.

37. After   A. running through     the numbers in every possible combination, we finally hit on a solution.

38. Either h~ escaped, or he was put in prison; in C. any case he was never seen again.

39. We should C. any case  our differences and discuss the things we have in common.

40. Seldom did we realize that many of our hair problems C. result from what we eat.

41. Mark needs to travel  A. extensively.with his varied business interests.

42. To build more _ A. settlements   on the west bank of this river will lead to more blood shedd/ng.

43. There is a Chinese restaurant in the   A. neighborhood   Let's go there for a change.

44. Small children often wonder what keeps the earth  B. in place _jn space.

45. In terms ofthe quality of teaching, the high school my daughter attended B.shines

46. People who use words skillfully _ D. command  instant attention and respect.

47. The sun is so large that ifit were_  C .hollow   , it would hold a million earths.

48.  The movie T/tan/c,impressive and C.moving was a great hit both at home and abroad.

49.  She said, "You can call me at work. The_ B. extension number ofmy office is 2020."

50.  Having worked as a ( n) C.associate  professor for five years, he is considering becoming a full professor.


PartIV   Cloze

   The process of gaining or losing weight can be explained by comparing your body to your car. Both run B. on   fuel, food for your body and gasoline for your car. Both convert that fuel, first into heat, then energy, ,some of D.  which isused to do work, and some emitted as waste. And just as your car uses more energy when the engine is racing tha.n whenit is idling,     B. so  your body uses more energy when you are working hard than C.   when  you are resting.

     For the purpose of this comparison, 55.A.however , there is one significant difference between them. Yol~r car. cannotstore fuel by turning it into something else; all gasoline not consumed remains as gasoline. But your body stores _ C.  excess  energy as fat. When the gas tank is B.completely   empty, the car won't run; but your body can burn fat to provide moreenergy.

       Therefore, if you want to gain weight, you must do C.    either    0f two things: eat more calories (units of heat,therefore energy), or use less through inactivity. If'you want to lose weight, you do the59.A.reverse    , decrease w.. .ur ir,takeof calories or increase the amount of energy you spend. There is  B. no other. way. Gaining or iosing weight is always a

relation between intake and output of potential energy.

Part V   Translation (15 points)

   Too frequently, students seem to take for granted their right, or even their access? to interviews and to jobs needed. tobegin their careers.

produced enormous changes in the way business and industry operate in North America, and in the ways inwblebpeople are employed.

    通常学生想当然的认为,他们有权接受(甚至是有机会)面试、有权就业来开始他们的职业生涯。他们认为这些都是理所当然的。这种乐观的想法已经过时了。10年前,  就有人警告大学毕业生,要想终身在一家公司从事同一领域的工怍已经越来越不可能了。一个学生一生可能会换三至四次工作。而今许多大专院校毕业生,将不会从事他们本专业的工作。有些人可能只能找到非全日工作或合同制工作。在过去的十年中,北美工商企业的运营发生了巨大的变化,包括用人方式。


PartVI   Writing (15 points)

   1.你怎么看待微信?支持 (反对)或其他想法。

    In the iast few years, there has been a craze of Wechat,a kind of online communicating tool. An increasing number of people are using Wechat nowadays, chatting, posting and passing messages and articles online. Regardingthis phenomenon, opinions vary from person to person.

I am in favor of the use of We chat, taking the following factors into account. In the first place, Wechat provides us with an opportunity to communicate more freely and conveniently. And we can express our opinions to a much larger aud;ence in the group or visited by our friends in the "Friends Community". Moreover, Wechat offers people a   chance to practice organizing their thoughts and language, which also helps sharpen their writing skills.

We ma\/ safely draw the conclusion from the above discussion, that Wechat is a useful communicating tool as well as medium, by which people can communicating their ideas and share information. So, Wechat will play a significant role in our life.


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