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Part II Reading Comprehension(40 points)阅读理解二

Passage One

They may be one of Britain s most successful exports and among the worlds most popular TV shows, ranking alongside the world cup final and the Olympic Games opening ceremony in terms of audience. But in Britain, beauty competitions are unfashionable. To most people, beauty contests seem as out-dated as bowing and curtseying. Nicola Baker, a lawyer inLondon,, said that “As much as I think it’s fine for women to do it, I don t think its interesting and in fact, I think they’re irrelevant to today.” Last year, Miss World was broadcast to 142 countries, but it wasn't even shown in the country where it started in 1951.

It wasn’t always this way in Britain. Once, beauty queens dated footballers, traveled the world and were guaranteed fame, fortune and fun. Now, they open new supermarkets, are sponsored by dry - cleaning companies and, if they’re lucky, they get free clothes from supermarkets.

When Francesca Marchant was crowned Miss Sussex in 1969 it was something to be extremely proud of. “I came from a small town, and all my friends were green with envy when they found out I'd won my boyfriend at the time thought it was terrific and boasted to everyone that he was going out with a beauty queen.”

But the good times couldn’t last the feminist movement gathered momentum. Some women were determined to bring an end to these cattle shows nowadays, saying that you were a beauty queen just doesn’t sound good.

Miss world organizers claim that contestants are judged on qualities other than just their physical appearance. But, Jacques Gold, England’s representative at this year’s contest was not chosen because of her academic record the miss world website states that she left school having gained many computer qualifications and certificates in first aid and life not much of an education.

The only time the contests attract attention now is because of the protesters. At the 1999 Miss world in Britain around 60 demonstrators hurled flour bombs and fought with the nest aex k nes saying fat girls are cool " and women’s bodies are not for sale.

世界小姐选美大赛可能是英国出口最成功的电视节目,并且就观众人数来说是与世界杯决赛和奥运会开幕式齐名的世界上最受欢迎的节目。但是在英国选美大赛已经不时髦了。对大多数人来说,选美大赛就像鞠躬和行女士屈膝礼一样过时了。伦敦的一名律师尼古拉贝克说:  我认为这对女人来说没什么不好,我认为它没什么意思.实际上我认为它们与今天的生活是  不相于的”去年有1轮个国家转播了世界小姐选美大赛可是在1951年发起这场大赛的英国却  没有播放。

 在英国以前不是这样的。以前一日当上选美皇后,她们就会和足球运动明星约会,周游世界.来维持她们的名望财富和享乐现在她们开辟了新的超级市场由干洗公司等赞助如果幸运的话.她们还可以从超级市场获得免费的服装。当|9的年弗朗西丝卡马畅特被选为萨苏克塞斯小姐的时候,她认为这是一件非常值得骄  傲的事情。她说:我来自一个小镇当我的朋友得知我赢得了选美皇后时都特别羡慕我。我那  时的男朋友认为这很了不起.对大家吹嘘说他和一位选美王后约会

但是好景不长。女权运动的势头越来越强。有些女人决心要结束这些像在卖牛时一样进  行的展示"。现在.如果你说你是一个选美皇后.听起来似乎不太好。  世界小姐选美大赛的组织者声称评判参赛者的素质比她们的外表更重要。但是,今年英格兰队参赛的代表杰奎琳金并不是因为她的学习成绩而选上的。世界小姐网站上说:她离开了学校后获得了很多如计算机和救生资格等方面的证书,言外之意她没有受过多少正规的教育现在吸引人们关注比赛的唯一地方是因为抗议者。IW年在英国举行的世界小姐选美大赛约60名示威者投掷了面粉炸弹并和警察发生了冲突。他们谴责选美是一个性别歧视的牲畜市场。他们挥舞着胖女孩也酷"和女人的身体是不出售的横幅表示抗议。

1. In terms of audience beauty contest shows in Britain are now unpopular among most people.

2. The attitude of Nicola Baker towards beauty contests shows is that these shows are behind the times.

3. In the 60s and 70s, beauty queens were admired by most people.

4. Jacqueline Gold was chosen as the representative at this year’s beauty contest because she was judged on her physical appearance other than her qualities.

5. Now the beauty contests can sometimes cause stirs in Britain.

Passage Two

My mother was a vocal supporter of physical punishment but for all her talking she hasnever hit my sister and me only once instead she found ways of punishment that left a morelasting memory.

One day at daycare i watched an extremely tired mother attempt to pick up her daughter The little girl asked momma are we going to mcdonalds for dinner ? the mother replied, Honey not tonight momma has to run a few errands but i wanna go susie i said not tonight susie immediately dropped to the floor . kicking and screaming i want to go to mcdonalds.

No amount of pleading or scolding her mother tried stopped susies tantrum ( )Finally her mother gave in okay susie let s go to mcdonalds . to say i was amazed would be inaccurate : i was delighted that anything i wanted could be had by throwing a tantrum.

That day my mother picked me up early from daycare because we were going to sears &Roebuck . i was excited by the lights and decorations walked through the toy section i saw a toy i had to hav e mama can i have that telephone She replied baby not now but if you are a good girl maybe santa will bring it to you but mama i want that telephone right now tightened on mine.

By now we were standing in the long holiday line and i figured it was now or never I lay down on the ground and began screaming over and over again th e christmas shoppers looked as my mother calmly said becky you better get up by the count of three or else One two . . three

Nothing . i was still in full tantrum so then she lay down beside me on the noor , and began kicking and screaming at a new car , i want a new house i want some jewelry Shocked i stood up mama stop mama get up i tearfully pleaded.

She stood and brushed herself off at first stunned the others waiting in line began to sporadically clap some parents shook their heads at me and said with a smile i bet you ' ll never try that again And i d idn t becau se it left a lasting mental picture more effective than any physical mark.

我的母亲是一个体罚的支持者.但她说她从来没打过我的妹妹也只打过我一次。然而,她  发现惩罚可以留下长久的记忆。我在托儿所里看到过一位疲惫不堪的母亲来接她的女儿。小女孩问,妈妈,我们去麦当劳吃晚饭吗?母亲回答说亲爱的今晚不行。妈妈要去办几件事。”“但我想去。”“苏茜,我说今  晚不行。苏茜马上倒在地上,又踢又叫,我想去麦当劳。

她的妈妈试图阻止苏茜发脾气,但是既不争辩也不责骂她。最后她母亲让步了好吧苏茜,我们去麦当劳。说我很惊讶不太准确;我高兴的是只要发脾气就可以得到我想要的东西。  那天我妈妈提前来托儿所接我,因为我们要去西尔斯和罗巴克商店。那里的彩灯和装饰品使我很兴奋,当我们走在玩具部,我看到了一个玩具,我非常想要。妈妈,能给我买那个玩具电话吗?

她回答说"亲爱的,现在不行,但如果你表现好,也许圣诞老人会把它送给你”“但是,妈妈,我现在就想要那个电话。"她眯起眼睛,把我的手抓得更紧了。这时我们正站在漫长的假日购物的长队中,我想如果现在不行动就没有机会了。我躺在地  上开始一遍又一遍地尖叫。圣诞节的购物者们默默地看着我的母亲她平静地说贝基我数  到三个数你最好起来,否则的话 我没动。仍然使劲地发脾气。然后她在我的身边躺下,也开始踢着脚尖叫我想要一辆新  车.我想要一所新房子,我想要珠宝.我想……H我感到非常震惊,然后站了起来。妈妈,别这  样。妈妈快起来"我含泪恳求道。  她站了起来,拍打了一下身上的灰尘。排队等待的人们先是目瞪口呆,然后一些人开始鼓掌。一些父母对我摇摇头笑着说:我敢打赌你永远不会再这样发脾气了。  是的,我此后再也没有这样发脾气,因为这件事在我的心里留下一个永久的画面,它比任何物理标记都更有效。  

1. The author’s mother was for physical in theory, but seldom carried it out

2. What happened between Susie and her mother provided the author with a new idea

3. The author began to misbehave while they were waitingin line to check out

4. Whatwas the attitude of the other  parents toward the author’s mother? Appreciative

5. Which of the following is probably the best title for the passage?When the Daughter Was in Tanturm


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