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Passage Three

I saw an ad for a device that allows your dog to talk to you. Bow Lingual, a Japanese invention, entered the American market couple of weeks ago. Named “The Dog Translator,” it sold more than 250, 000 units before heading here. And don’t forget that it was sold at the price of $ 120 each.

It's quite simple, really. A radio microphone attaches to your dog’s collar, and a handheld receiver “translates” barks into 200 different phrases. The device determines your dog’s emotion at the moment: happy sad, frustrated, on-guard, assertive and needy. ( In case you have a dog that barks only in Japanese or Korean it comes with those translations, too. )

As interesting as this new device is--again, I’m kicking myself here--any dog owner worth his Milk-Bones knows this might not be all that necessary a purchase. Our dog, Murphy, for instance, has never had any problem whatsoever communicating with us. Not once in 13 years. Odd as it seems, we can figure out quite quickly what’s on her mind. Just the cock of her head will often do it translation: “Surely you’re taking me with you.” Sometimes it's a solitary bark at the kitchen door after dinner. Translation: “You forgot my treat, Buster!” And sometimes its 100 barks in a row. Translation:” the mailman is here! The mailman is here! Can’t you hear him attacking our house ?”

But I think I witnessed the ultimate dog communication technique years ago. It was a neighbors dog. I can’t remember the breed or name. All I remember is how bright she was she had no need for Bow Lingual. Whenever frustrated with her family, which appeared to be quite often, she would stroll into the living room, turn her back to them and sit directly in front of the TV they were watching. And pee. No translation needed. And you need not be smart or rich to figure that out.

我看到了个可以让狗和人对话的装置的广告。日本人发明的这种要你弓身与狗说话的装置已经于几周前进入了美国市场,他的名字叫狗翻译器"在美国市场销售之前,它已售出超过25万台了。而且别忘了,每个价格是120美元;这其实很简单。把无线麦克风连接到你的狗的项圈上.一个可控的接收器把狗的叫声翻译2叫种不同的短语。该装置日前可以判定你的狗的情感:幸福.悲伤沮丧警惕自信和  需求(如果你的狗用日语或韩语叫的话它也可以翻译)

  需求(如果你的狗用日语或韩语叫的话它也可以翻译)虽然这种新装置很有趣.这里我再一次提醒自己以及任何值得花钱给他的狗买牛奶和骨头  的狗主人.可能没必要购买这种新装置。例如我们的狗墨菲.与我们沟通从来没有任何问题,在  13年里没有一次不成功。看上去似乎有点奇怪,我们很快就可以弄清楚她在想什么。只要她经  常仰起头就可以翻译成你一定要带我和你一起出去。有时晚餐后在厨房门后的一声孤独的叫就可以翻译成:"你忘了给我吃点什么,老兄!有时她会连续叫W次,可以翻译成:邮递员来了!邮递员来了!你没听到他在攻击我们的房子吗?

但几年前我亲眼目睹了我认为是最高级的狗的沟通技巧。这是一个邻居家的狗。我不记得她的品种或名称。我只记得她有多么聪明。她不需要狗翻译器。每当她对家人不高兴的时然  (这似乎是相当常见的事)她就会走到客厅里,把后背朝着他们,直接坐在他们他们正在看的电视机前.然后撒尿。无需翻译。你不需要聪明或富有就能理解她的意思。

1.  We can infer from the passage that sale of “The Dog Translator” in Japan was quite successful

2.  “The Dog Translator” is quiet simple and easy to use

3.  What will the author’s dog Murphy do at the kitchen door to remind them of her dinner? She will give one bark.

4.  What does the phrase ”in a row” in paragraph 3 mean? One after another.

5.  The author seems to think that “The Dog Translator” is popular but useless

Passage Four

Running late again I rushed into the Cub Scouts parents meeting, noting the surplus of empty chairs. At least, I wasn’t the only one running behind, I told myself with great relief.

The Cubmaster checked his watch, and with a barely audible sigh, started the meeting. As the Cubmaster explained the challenges that the group faced in the coming year, he pointed out that the empty chars, which should have been filled with parent volunteers, were our biggest obstacles.

Before i could change my mind, I raised my hand to volunteer as den ( 幼年童子军小队) leader. Although I knew next to nothing about teaching a group of noisy and restless second--graders I was determined to make it work

My first den meeting was as chaotic and noisy as the first day of a county fair. The boys were too excited to sit still. What have I gotten myself into? I wondered, composing a letter of resignation in my head.

Much to my surprise, the boys actually annoyed themselves. They even Invited their mends to join our den, and before long, our ranks swelled from four boys to ten. My son was thrilled to have his mom as den leader; it gave him bragging rights on the playground.

As I walked through the school's parking lot, it was rare when one of “my” boys didn’t call out a greeting or stop me for a quick hug and a story to share. They would talk with me about the little things going on in their lives--whether it was a loose tooth ready to wiggle its that meeting and those who would never know this joy. After all, I gave those boys only one hour of my time every week, but they rewarded me with their hearts.




1.  It is clear that the Cubmaster was disappointed with the situation.

2.  The author began to feel guilty when the master talked about the problem.

3.  It can be learned that the author was willing to take the challenge.

4.  At first the author considered spending time with children difficult but worthy.

5.  The last paragraph is mainly written to show that our efforts on children are rewarding.

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